Alternatives to Lunary

List of observability and monitoring tools for AI apps.

HeliconeA platform for creating and hosting conversational AI models with self-hosting capabilities, open source code, and cost tracking.View
PromptBetterThis document provides details about Promptbetter, including its features and capabilities.View
HoneyHiveA platform built for developers and businesses to create chatbots and conversational AI applications without prior coding experience.View
TraceloopA tool for tracing and debugging web applications. Supports any language and framework. Agent tracing, but no logs. Not self-hostable. No user tracking.View
LangFuselangfuse is an open-source platform that offers hybrid language support and advanced analytics for models, frameworks, and more.View
LangSmithLangSmith is a platform for building LLM applications with monitoring, testing, and debugging features. It integrates with LangChain framework and supports any LLM model.View
PortkeyPortkey is an LMOps platform that accelerates the development and maintenance of generative AI apps and features, enabling companies to launch and iterate faster.View
gentracegentrace is an AI platform for language models, offering unit tests and cost tracking, and funded by VC.View
ContextThis section provides information on the features and characteristics of Context AI, including its support for various models and frameworks, user tracking, chat replay, and feedback tracking.View
PromptLayerPromptLayer is a platform for managing OpenAI requests, tracking usage history, and visually managing prompt templates.View
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