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December 2023 Update

Dec 12, 2023.

πŸ“™ Prompt Templates in Alpha

Our new Prompt Templates feature is ready in alpha today.

Collaborate with non-technical team members, version prompts and decouple prompts from your source-code.

It's available today to all users, regardless of your plan and the docs can be found here.

JS integration is ready and we'll release the Python integration later this week.

Any feedback on this is greatly appreciated - we will iterate on this in the coming weeks with your feedback.

🐍 Chat tracking in Python

We heard you and simplified a lot the API to track messages.

You can also now track users' conversations directly from your Python or JS backend, with a much simpler API.

Check out the new Chat tracking docs here.

πŸ“· Support for OpenAI vision

We now support OpenAI's vision models and you can see the pictures used in your dashboard.


πŸ€– More models in Playground

Find Gemini Pro and Mixtral in the prompt playground.

πŸš„ Faster dashboard

We've turbocharged our dashboard and Postgres database for quicker data rendering. Search, filters and navigation should be much quicker.

It's still a work in progress, but you should already feel the difference with heavy data loads.

There is also a lot more in terms of bug fixed and UI improvements to the dashboard.

Enjoy the holidays!

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