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April+May 2024 Update

Jun 10, 2024.

Here is quick rundown of what we've built in April and May ⬇️

📈 Analytics

We've heard you, Analytics really needed a revamp. We're releasing for everyone (including free users) the next generation of Analytics.

Find new charts and insights, filter data and select any date range you want. It also introduces an hourly breakdown for more granular insights.

🛠️ Tool calling data in prompts

You can now edit the assistant's tools calling content in your prompts, allowing to build Chain-of-thought prompts using tools. This enables many use-cases.

But also:

  • 💵 New Pricing: More affordable pricing structure at $20 per seat per month for the cloud version. Also more generous in features.
  • 🛣️ Public Roadmap: Follow upcoming improvements on our public roadmap.
  • 🗒️ Prompt Notepad: Added a free text field on prompts to provide context and explanations for your prompt designs.
  • 🏗️ Direct Fine-tune Exports: Export data directly to a OpenAI-compatible JSONL file, allowing you to fine-tune GPT models in no time.
  • ⛩️ Templates: View which template was used for an LLM call as well as filter LLM logs by template. You will now also see in the Analytics section your most used templates.
  • 👥 Delete Users: Delete users and associated data in 1-click from their page to easily comply with privacy requests.
  • 🤖 GPT-4o: We've added full support for GPT-4o the day it was released.
  • 🧬 Tool Calls generator: Easily generate OpenAI tool calling schemas with our public generator.
  • 👾 Self-hosting Enhancements: We've refined the Helm charts to be even easier to setup and allowed users to use Azure OpenAI.
  • 🪲 Bug Squashing: Too numerous to mention here but our engineering team has been extremely busy fixing bugs all across the board. Stability is a big priority for the near-term for us. If you had an issue with something not working in the past, there are good chances it's resolved.

Short-term roadmap

  • ⛑️ Evaluations: We'll be releasing lots of improvements to our Evaluations (and Real-time Evaluations) for better performance, stability and flexibility when working with custom evaluation logics. For example, you'll be able to push the results of your own evaluators to Lunary.
  • 🤖 Prompts A/B testing: We'll be pushing tools to easily A/B test prompt versions and determine which version is more efficient.
  • 📦 Integrations: We've been slow to add new integrations as they take our team a lot of time to maintain and keep up-to-date, but we'll be ramping up the development of new integrations, starting with LlamaIndex and MotleyCrew.

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