The Projects API allows you to manage projects within an organization, including their creation, deletion, and updates.

Data Format

Project Object

idstringThe unique identifier for the project.
createdAtstringThe creation timestamp of the project.
namestringThe name of the project.
orgIdstringThe identifier of the organization this project belongs to.
activatedbooleanIndicates if the project has any active runs.
publicApiKeystringThe public API key associated with the project.
privateApiKeystringThe private API key associated with the project.

List Projects

GET /v1/projects

Response format


Create Project

POST /v1/projects

Request format

"name": string

Response format

"id": string,
"createdAt": string
"name": string
"orgId": string

Delete project

DELETE /v1/projects/:projectId

Update Project

PATCH /v1/projects/:projectId

Request Format

"name": string

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