Feedback Tracking

Use feedback tracking for:

  • user's reactions to your chatbot's responses directly on the frontend.
  • score LLM outputs directly yourself

You can then use this to filter llm calls and fine-tune your own models based on the data.

Feedback tracking can be done in the backend or directly on the frontend if it's easier for you.

msg_id = thread.track_message({
"role": "assistant",
"content": "Hello! How can I help you?"
lunary.track_feedback(msg_id, { "thumb": "up" })

Example of a React Feedback component

You can also use the feedback method to track user reactions to your chatbot's responses directly on the frontend.

<Button onClick={() => lunary.trackFeedback(, { thumb: "up" })}>

The trackFeedback method takes two arguments:

  • runId: the ID of the message or run you want to track the feedback on.
  • feedback: an object containing the feedback data. You can use any key/value pair you want.

Feedback data

You can send any feedback data you want, as long as it's a valid JSON object.

We recommend using the following keys to ensure that data is displayed correctly in the dashboard.

thumbup or down👍 / 👎
commentarbitrary stringeg. "This is not correct."

Removing feedback

To remove feedback, simply pass null as the feedback data.

lunary.trackFeedback(, { thumb: null })

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